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Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Try

bathroom double mirror ideas
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Whether you are remodeling your old bathroom or constructing a new one, these beautiful bathroom mirror ideas are fun, stylish and creative. Why settle for a plain, unflattering bathroom mirror with a boring metal frame when you can have unique ones instead? So without further ado, here are some of the top ideas when it comes to jazzing up your bathroom mirror:

Say no to the usual metal frame for your bathroom mirror and say yes to mirror mosaics as your mirror frame. This is a great idea for a bathroom mirror or a vanity mirror. Small bits of glass placed creatively along the sides of your bath mirror will create a stylish and creative look. Add modern lighting, you can make this area of your bathroom easily stand out. These glass or mirror mosaic pieces will also illuminate your vanity and make a great conversation piece too. You may choose from the usual rectangular or large square mirror or you may choose an irregularly shaped mirror with a glass or mirror mosaic frame.

Create a tile backsplash with your bathroom mirror. This is a really cool way to improve the appearance of your boring plain rectangular mirror and transform it into a beautiful vanity piece. Take 1×1 ceramic tiles with a totally contrasting color from your bathroom tiles or wall color to create a backsplash frame. You may choose one color or two or more depending on your design and your tastes. Create a mosaic pattern with your small ceramic tiles or you could even make use of larger tiles as well.

An antique design frame would work well for a classic bathroom theme. A huge plain rectangular bathroom mirror may be framed with treated and varnished or painted carved hardwood creating a classic and seamless design. Your frame could be as narrow as 1 ½ to 2 inches or make it 3 or more for a much larger frame size. Your frame could also be of any color; you can contrast this color to your bathroom tile color and design as well as your wall color or you may use any color combination you wish. Your antique mirror frame design should complement your existing plumbing as well as lighting fixtures in your bathroom.

Irregularly- shaped mirrors have been very popular in modern-style bathrooms and even till today, this kind of bathroom mirror idea is a perfect way to improve the look and the feel of any type of bathroom. Choose from bathroom mirrors with a wavy edge and frameless design or a beautiful ornamental piece with curved seamless corners. These modern – looking bathroom mirror designs will look great no matter how small or how large your bathroom is.

Instead of using track lighting or spot lighting to illuminate your vanity mirror, why not use creative lighting with your existing bathroom mirror? Instead of traditionally placing lighting on top of the vanity mirror, place this at the back of the mirror. This creates a ghostly but futuristic effect in your bathroom. Use an extra-large rectangular bathroom mirror with an edgeless or frameless design and mount it using mounting hardware creating a floating or elevated look. Now place your fluorescent or LED lighting at the back to create a cool effect. This idea is perfect when you have a large boring old mirror that needs to be reinvented.  So instead of white fluorescent lighting, you may also use other cool tones such as light green, light blue, rose or lavender.

Why use a single, boring, large mirror when you could use smaller mirrors to fill the space? This will not just make your bathroom mirror more interesting but will also add depth and style. A large bathroom mirror could be replaced with three smaller pieces arranged to fill the exact space. Or have fun playing with different mirror designs and use different kinds, colors and sizes of mirrors. You can purchase mirror sets in home furniture outlets online and offline too.

Looking for fun bathroom mirror ideas for a children’s bathroom? There are fun bathroom mirror designs such as under the sea themes, flower and insect themes, zoo animal themes and cartoon character designs such as the characters from the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants. Watch as your child’s eyes light up in excitement as he finds cool characters on his bathroom mirror vanity! Complement these fun mirror designs with cute bathroom vanity accessories with the same theme such as tissue paper holders, soap and shampoo dispensers, soap dishes and towel racks.

Some bathroom mirrors extend far from the bathroom vanity or from the bathroom sink. These mirrors are bigger and definitely better! Found in posh bathrooms of hotels, stylish homes and vacation homes, large full-length mirrors will never be out of style. This kind of mirror is perfect for dressing up or simply admiring how you look after a shower. And of course don’t forget that mirrors make small spaces appear larger and therefore this idea is a worthwhile bathroom upgrade.

The glamour of Hollywood is in your bathroom! Transform an ordinary bathroom vanity into a theater-like dressing room by placing large incandescent light bulbs along the edge of your bathroom mirror. This great idea would work great for large bathroom vanity mirrors. This will not just make your bathroom look stylish but will also help improve lighting conditions ideal for dressing up or applying makeup.

These bathroom mirror ideas could be your next do-it-yourself project this weekend. Simple mirror makeovers such as updating your old bathroom mirror is easy and will never take most of your time while complicated projects such as creating mirror mosaic edges could take a weekend to complete but are still worthwhile bathroom upgrades. You may also update your bathroom by changing your wall color, upgrading your light fixtures and your plumbing fixtures. In fact, there are so many ways to make your bathroom the most impressive room in your home; all you need is time and the patience to do it.

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