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Design Ideas for Fancy Eiffel Tower Décor

black and white eiffel tower decor
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Eiffel tower décor is so stunning. If you love France, you must love the Eiffel tower too. Then, when you are confused to choose a theme for your bedroom décor, Eiffel tower decorations might be great ideas to try. To decorate a room, you must need some furniture, decorations for ceiling, wall and flooring. All of those stuffs can be designed with Eiffel theme that will make the room look so fancy. Moreover, if you still have no idea to choose the decorations, you can look at these ideas before that might give you some inspirations to decorate your bedroom.   Eiffel Tower Décor Ideas Rather than to choose plain color for the wall paint, you can decorate it with beautiful wallpaper with Eiffel tower picture. A great look of wall decorations for Eiffel tower décor will make it a focal point in your bedroom. It can be applied above bed’s headboard, the desk or any other spots. The picture of Eiffel tower for wallpaper also can be designed in various sizes, colors and drawing styles. Besides the wallpaper, some paintings, clock, or wall lightings with Eiffel tower design can be the other attractive decorations that can upgrade the wall décor.   Furthermore, some furniture like bedroom sets can be chosen with same design. The picture of Eiffel on the furniture, the decorative pillow for the couch, bedding set with beautiful cover will create a matched look for your bedroom. Then, for the floor, you can choose an area rug to cover the floor under the bed or an area for relaxing and watching television. It really can add aesthetic of the room. To complete the décor, some ornaments are needed, even very important to create a lovely décor. The miniature of Eiffel tower made of any materials like metal or wood in various sizes can be put on the table, cabinet or the hanging shelves.

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