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Does the yellow shower curtain is a good color for a bathroom?

yellow cotton shower curtain
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Yellow is a color with dual personality. In the right shades give light, they will glow and animate a room. Other yellows can be electrical or discordant. Choosing the right is key to a successful outcome. If you consider yourself a yellow shower curtain, think before going out to buy. It may not be the option for you.


Yellow shower curtain does not get along with all the colors. Indeed, it is discordant with few. Orange, for example, is difficult to combine with most yellows, unless yellow orange or neutral. The purple, yellow plug, you can highlight or lost. A purple cake can be enjoyable while a strong purple can make a small room look vibrant. Look what I got in the bathroom in terms of fixtures or other items that you might want or not before deciding to change the tone of yellow.

Light Levels

If light levels are important to you, yellow can be an excellent choice. Yellow shower curtain is naturally lighter in value, meaning that it reflects more light than most other colors, like red or blue. You can even increase this effect by adding white to make it a pastel shade bright as snow lemon. A lighter shade as this will hold the light in the shower curtain. These tones are good choices for a bathroom with no windows or small windows.

Other ideas

If you overlay it with yellow shower curtain but want to include it as a wall color, there are other options. The Venetian plaster on a butter yellow color is a textured finish with a touch smoother textured faux finish. Another option is to paint the walls yellow but the white ceiling, giving a touch of color relief in a small space. A third option is to paint a wall yellow. An accent wall in this way is a good alternative.

Accents and Furniture

You can include the yellow color in the bathroom without having to paint the walls that color. For example, combining yellow fabrics and yellow shower curtain adds enough yellow to a small bathroom. The yellow tables or other small items are another option for color accents. The items to hang on the wall with yellow theme, as the photo of a sunflower or a similar topic, are another way to introduce the yellow color easily.

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