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Living Room Coffee Table Decor

coffee table decorative bowls
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Coffee table decor might be needed to be apply on your coffee table. For you who have the coffee table on your living room, you can do this decoration for the coffee table. Doing this will make the looks of your coffee table better and increase the beauty of your living room. There are so many decorations styles available for your coffee table decorations. You can find the simple decorations, complicated decorations, classic decorations, natural decorations or luxurious decoration. You can choose one of the style which suitable with your living room design can concept. Natural Coffee Table Decor with Stones and Candles What kind of living room concept do you have? If you have your living room with the concept of classic or natural, you can choose the natural coffee table decor with stones and candles. You can use your old coffee table without change your coffee table for this kid of coffee table decoration. First thing that you should have to prepare is the square box which made from the wood or rattan to be place on your table. Choose the box with the 4 cm high. Then, you must have to prepare the decorative stones. Marble stones will be the great choice. You can choose the white marble stones or brown marble stones. Do not forget to prepare three candles. One big candle, one medium candle and one small candle. You can also choose the candle in glass. After prepare these things, you can place the stones on the box. Manage the marble stone then and make the looks o the surface balance. Then, manage the candle on the box too. You can place the candle in one side in the corner of the box. Place the biggest on the corner, then, place the medium candle and the small candle in front of the biggest candle. The lights from the candle will make the good effect when it reflected by the marble stones.

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