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Mantel Décor to Upgrade Fireplace Design

antique mantel decor
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Mantel décor should be chosen in nice design to enhance the look of your fireplace. The reason why people provide fireplace in their room is to get the warmth from it in the winter. However, nowadays, fireplace comes with not only good function, but also great designs that can make the room look lovelier. There are a lot of designs from the traditional to modern for the fireplace, even the mantel. The mantel is designed to give more aesthetic value on the fireplace, because it is commonly used for ornament display.   Decorative Ornaments for Mantel Décor You can put any decorations on the mantel. However, you must choose the design that is fit to the room décor. There are various ornaments that can upgrade the fireplace décor. If you want to bring natural look, you can put two or more vases of green plants or flowers on the mantel. The tall vases might be better to choose to create an airy look. Then, for classic look, a couple of candleholders will give beautiful designs and also romantic ambiance through the gloomy light of candle’s flame. Some photo frames or any decorative vases also can be nice decorations for the mantel décor.   Besides the attractive ornaments that are put on the mantel, the wall decorations also can be hung above the mantel. The wall decorations can be huge painting, picture of you, mirror and many more. The painting really can be focal point in the room, likewise the picture. The picture of family’s photo might be good idea to decorate the mantel décor. Then, to give the room a spacious look, to put a mirror above the mantel is nice choice. However, to upgrade the fireplace look, the mirror should be framed with fancy designs that are available in various shapes, styles, details, colors, and materials.

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