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Painting Over Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

glazed kitchen cabinets diy
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Glazed kitchen cabinets surface is hard to be repainted in just a normal method which is instantly applying the paint. The actual paint will not stick to the glazed surface at all. It means that you should remove then clean out the glazed surface first before starting to paint for a new color. In applying the paint itself you could not just brush the paint right away if you are going to get the best result. So if you are about to repaint your glazed cabinet then consider following these ways to get it done appropriately.

Preparing Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Before Repainted

Preparation is always important in many things so do the preparation carefully and appropriately. Begin by removing the hardware of the cabinets that are going to be repainted. Do not just do some taping on the hardware if you want to have the best result of the repainting process. Sand the whole glazed surface one the hardware is removed. For easier sanding process, use power palm sander. It could help you sand quicker. You do not need to sand the surface until the wooden surface is visible. Just make sure that the glazed surface is gone then you can stop sanding and start cleaning. Use cotton rag that is clean and dry to clean the surface, If you want to use damp rag it will be okay just that you will need more time to let the surface dry before going to the next step.

Repainting Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Colors

Once cleaned and dried perfectly, start applying the primer for one layer only. It is required so that the paint will stick to the surface perfectly. Once the primer is dried completely apply the paint for the thin first layer. Wait for it to dry then apply the second coat. If you think it still needs another coat, then reapply the paint for another thin layer.

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