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Restaining Kitchen Cabinets for a Newer Look

easy restaining kitchen cabinets
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The process of restaining kitchen cabinets could be done to oak cabinets for example, in order to bring them into a better look as if they are totally new. The oak cabinet itself is very durable so that it occurs often such oak cabinet is in still a good shape with a very poor color that needs renewal. Renew the look of the oak cabinet in that kind of condition by using darker or the same tone as it was through the restaining process. It will be completely cheaper than buying new cabinets.

Needed Things for the Restaining Kitchen Cabinets Process

Before starting the process you should prepare several needed things for the actual process. Regarding your own safety you should have rubber gloves and also safety glasses. The tools that are needed are screwdriver, painters' tape, paintbrush, putty knife, sandpaper, cloth, bucket, paint stripper, plastic sheeting, and also tack cloth. The materials needed are trisodium phosphate, hot water, polyurethane, and the oil-based wood stain as well.

Various Tips in Kitchen Cabinets Restaining

Sanding is an essential step in the whole restaining process. It could make the surface smoother. Unfortunately by sanding the surface, the pores are blocked so that the staining process will be interrupted completely. In order to avoid this thing you should wipe the surface after sanding using tack cloth to open the pores. It removes the sands clogging the pores so that the stain agent will easily be absorbed for better result of the restaining process. In sanding the surface with grooves or patterns it would be better to fold the sandpapers in a square shape so that every spot will be reached by the sandpaper. In using oil-based for the restaining process you should only use the natural-bristle brush for the best outcome of the process.

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