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Shabby Chic Furniture for Antique Interior Design

shabby chic furniture colors
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Shabby chic furniture brings the strangeness and antiques to your interior design. The furniture has a wrecked look but actually it still functions well like the new one. Shabby furniture is made by the play of paints and colors in it. The dark and pale colors are usually used to create an old aura and atmosphere around the furniture. A vintage aura is the key for the furniture to get its old but stylish sense.

Shabby chic furniture usually imitates the shape of the furniture from the old time. The shape can come from the style of kingdom furniture or the furniture from the 18th century. The characteristics of shabby furniture are bright and light. It is better for you to mix the color in your room as many bright and light colors are neutral. The black color of iron or the brown color of wood can be added to make your room has a various color. You just need to adjust the design of the furniture to not leave the old-fashioned sense.

Shabby chic furniture can also has a shabbier effect if we add an old fashioned decoration too around it. The first way to add it is making an old wall style by showing the pattern of the brick in the wall. This will add an old time sense and make the furniture shabbier. The other thing to do in the wall is creating an effect of stain caused by rain effects. This will make the old sense come out from the wall and it will add more feeling too to the furniture.

Shabby chic furniture are sold in high price in the market because its sense of antique and old-fashioned. Shabby chic stuff even sometimes becomes a collection for someone. For the price for collections sometimes beyond common furniture, the business in this furniture is also promising.

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