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Simple Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Apply

creative bedroom curtain ideas
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Decorating a bedroom needs many aspects and one of them is the bedroom curtain. Choosing the certain colors and designs of the curtain can boost the beauty of the room. There are points about basics to apply bedroom curtain ideas. Bedroom curtain patterns vary based on your own interest in what kind of pattern and color. For example, if you want a curtain that can be hanged quickly, you can choose the grommet design because it can slide easily in the rod.

To choose the best bedroom curtain ideas for your room, you need to measure the length of the window. This aims to estimate the length of the curtain itself. You can start from the casing of the window and go down until the corner of the window. Then, write the minimum bedroom curtain length based on the measurement. You can order longer curtain to be applied there; longer than the window itself.

Next bedroom curtain ideas are about the curtain panels. So, after you measure the length of the curtain, then your job is to measure the width of the curtain. This is based on the width of the window. This is the minimum measurement. Do not measure it too narrow because it can cause the look of the curtain in the long run seem to be out of scale and not proportional. To get the light enter the easily, the six-inch rod brackets can be placed.

If the curtain panels are done, then let us try to set them. Do not forget to measure or sort the panels from the shortest into the longest ones before you hang them. Panels in bedroom curtain ideasare hung on the length of the shortest panel. The shortest one is placed firstly because it will ease the application of the next curtain panels. To make them easy to slide, choose the rings styles of rods.

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