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Styles country shower curtains for a Tuscan decorating

cloth country shower curtains
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Country shower curtains – Tuscany is a region of central Italy known for its beautiful architecture and stunning city views in the country. The design of the interior of Tuscany is known for its rustic walls and neutral palette accented with golden hues and an abundance of green plants. No matter the design of Tuscan window country shower curtain, almost all are made ​​of white cotton and tie, or embroidery draft.

Curtains panels straps

Green cotton country shower curtains with smooth straps are common in traditional Tuscan houses. Cotton itself is less like chiffon and more like a fine line that is textured, offers more privacy than transparent and diffuses sunlight. Straps shades are usually mounted on thin and round poles located at the top of the wooden window. The panels hang straight from the top part and often only run on the windowsill.

Curtains Coffee

Coffee curtains hanging in the lower half of a window, providing vision without sacrificing privacy. The Tuscan-style cafe curtain are constructed with the same brand of white cotton and generally add embellishments like ribbons, woven openwork crochet or Renaissance inserts that are very similar in appearance to place mats.

Curtains on fitted sheets

Curtains mounted blades are created in securing cotton panels on top and bottom of the window frame. Often hung on windows open because the curtain remains secure. Cotton has pockets sewn into the top and bottom hems stop playing or curtain to Italian. Pocket panels are generally gathered in a barrel, which results in a wavy style while country shower curtains hanging tabbed usually smooth.


The ruffles, or top of the window, add an element of most prevalent to decorating the cities of Tuscany formality. The country shower curtains are down remarkably similar to the classic cotton panels in the Tuscan countryside, but sometimes bottom hems extend to the floor. The ruffles are made with rich fabrics such as velvet or damask. The fabric is stretched by the rod supports for a flat style and hem the bottom of the curtain is often carved into curves and alternating ends.

Styles barrels

The barrels curtains for a Tuscan style window country shower curtains are generally simple. The poles of wood, iron or leg are common to modern materials like chrome. Most curtains are mounted inside, which means that each end of the pole slides in brackets attached to the inside of the window frame. As such, there is no luxury auction and all the style stays clean, leaving part of the window completely exposed. The ruffles are usually mounted in barrels extending several inches from the wall, giving some depth to the curtain.

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