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The 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets Standard

10 x 10 solid wood kitchen cabinets
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The actual size of a kitchen varies a lot so that cabinet manufacturers have one standard to express the prices which is the 10x10 kitchen cabinets standard. This standard means that a kitchen in 10 feet by 10 feet of the size. By using the same standard many manufacturers could express different sets of prices to be chosen by people.

The Use of 10x10 Kitchen Cabinets Standard

There are two ways in which the 10x10 kitchen standard size is used. The first use is during the remodeling of a kitchen by remodel companies. The companies will use this standard to show the customers how much will it cost to have a completely full kitchen with every single appliances installed as well. Cabinets, dishwasher, range, flooring, sink, and some other things are all accounted for in this matter. The second use of the standard is by the cabinet companies or manufacturers. The companies will use the standard to express the standard for package of cabinet-only. There is nothing else included on the package. The 10x10 cabinet only packages could still be adjusted to really match your need regarding the cabinets.

Basic Concepts in Kitchen Cabinets 10x10

There are several basic concepts regarding the cabinets in a 10x10 kitchen standard size. MDF is one term that is closely related to the kitchen cabinets. It stands for medium-density fiberboard that is one of the materials. Then there are also base cabinets and also wall cabinets. Base cabinets are the cabinets placed on the floor space that will be the basic layout. Wall cabinets are hanged on the wall on top of the base cabinets usually. Furthermore there are also the framed cabinets and frameless cabinets as well. Framed cabinets have supposedly to have a kind of frame around each door while the frameless cabinets have no frame around each door.

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