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The Glazing Kitchen Cabinets Process

antique glazing kitchen cabinets
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In order to get a whole new look of your old kitchen cabinetries you could simply do the glazing kitchen cabinets process. First thing to do is to prepare for the glazing process. In the glazing process you will use wood stains that are messy. Do the precautions by using drop cloths to cover everything around the perimeter of the project. If you are using oil-based stain then consider using natural brush or china-bristle brush for the best outcome.

Stain Application in Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

You can basically get the premixed stain or simply mix it up bay yourself. It is actually just a mixture of paint with water or solvent. The hard part is to determine the right proportion in mixing the stain so it is recommended to buy the premixed one. Once the stain is ready simply apply it to the whole parts of the cabinets. If you encounter the fact that the stain stays within the ridges or grain that is perfectly natural. This is not really a perfect or an exact process so the result could vary a lot even in a single application. If you do not like with the result you can simply wipe the stain off and reapply the stain until you get the desired result.

Finishing Steps of Glazing Kitchen Cabinets DIY

Once the stain is applied all over the surfaces of the cabinets there are only a couple of finishing processes need to be done. Wipe the stain right after the application using cloth to create a kind of striated look having darker edges. Avoid wiping the stain when it is dried since it will be too tacky to do it. Once the wiping is done you can apply a layer or two of protective coat over the cabinets so that the older look achieved through the glazing process could stand for a long time.

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