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The Kitchen Cupboard Paint

kitchen cupboard paint best
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As the time passes, the paint color of your kitchen cabinets fades away. Of course, it will make it look dull and old, which reduce the beauty of your kitchen. Thus, you need to repaint the cupboard. Well, in fact, you can do it by yourself. Yes, really. But, we believe that some of you might be worry on what should be done in repainting it. Here, we’d like to give you quick steps on how to choose and apply kitchen cupboard paint. So, read it along.

Okay, now that you want to paint some cupboards, you have to start with choosing the new colors. In fact, kitchen cupboard paint is available in many options. You can choose the one that suits your taste. In selecting, you can combine two colors for the front cupboard part, such as orange for the middle part and white for each side of the front cupboard. In combining color, you might want to match it with the current color scheme of your kitchen.

Then, prepare all the equipments. At least, you will need paintbrush, sandpaper, and the paint itself. In case you don’t want the paint stain on your clothes or hands, you can wear elastic gloves. Since you are ready, let’s start it with cleaning the leftover paint on the cabinet. Use the sandpaper to remove the old paint. It will take a while, of course. Then, you should make sure that it is all clean from the previous kitchen cupboard paint. Once it is clean, you can dilute the paint you choose to the dilution you want or the color you want in case it is too bright or too dark.

Start the painting with the paintbrush. In painting, we recommend you to paint in one direction. This way, your painting will have neat result. Make sure that every corner is painted too, including small wood holes. Once you have finished, wait until the kitchen cupboard paint is dry. Then, you can install it again in its usual place.

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